What’s involved in creating award-winning apps?


We are often asked what it takes to make an award-winning app. Is it luck? Design? Functionality? Brand recognition? Marketing efforts? Or all of the above?

Creative27 have been fortunate over the years to work with some pretty amazing clients to design, develop and market a number of award-winning apps. The last year we have been acknowledged and won plenty of awards that recognize our skill for creating apps that users love.

Some of our recent awards include:

As you can see, Creative27 has been hands-on with many award-winning apps, not just in the last year but for the last decade. Whether we’ve designed and developed the entire app or played a significant role in the UI/UX or marketing, we know a thing or two about creating apps that audiences love. And when it boils down to it, that is the goal. Creating apps that audiences will adore, something that intimately connects and delivers on what the users are seeking.

What allows us to create award-winning apps?

Great clients
For us, everything comes down to trust. We work with amazing clients, and those clients put a lot of confidence in us. Creating award-winning products often means pushing the boundaries, and this typically means challenging our clients’ ideas and wanting to drive in a direction that not everyone understands.

Trust comes from strong relationships and an understanding that we are all seeking the same results. Everyone involved wants to create market-leading products that connect with and delight users.

Great team
Behind every great product is a great team. That team includes everyone involved from the client’s side, as well as our expert team of UX and UI designers, developers, and marketers who offer end-to-end services that can build our clients brand from the ground up.

Our team ensures that every product reflects intelligent functionality, advanced intuitiveness, and stunning aesthetics; making every interaction with the product an absolute delight. We invest time in competitor analyses and identify user needs before establishing a plan of action.

How do you know when your app is good?

You’ll know that your product is turning heads when people start raving about it, press releases start circulating and then award nominations start coming in.

How do you make sure that happens?

You call Creative27 to help you create a great product with a robust marketing plan designed to set you up for success.

Written by Vasile Tiplea
Founder & Director of Product & Design @Creative27