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Travel meets Technology
Leisure Embraces it

Travel and leisure were traditionally luxurious treats which were costly and involved an arduous process of visiting an intermediary (in person) to explore your options.

With the advancements in technology, accessing travel and leisure has gone from an analog process to a sophisticated online experience.

The increase of services in this market has also driven the price down, making it more accessible to the average consumer. Whether it’s travel, spa retreats or learning about your favorites wines, this industry is no longer exclusive to those willing to invest the time in research.

Travel and leisure activities, along with the ability to find and book them are available to all.

Beyond ease of booking, the spotlight on wellness is driving more consumers to take up leisure activities in the name of health.

With such demand for these services, brands are under increasing pressure to offer visually vibrant experiences and superior functionality through enhanced web and mobile user interface and user experience design.

No matter the service, consumers expect a level of ease in interaction with your online brand. And you must be online. 


Creative27 creates seamless mobile experiences in travel and leisure. Creative27 can partner with you to build your brand and bring it online, as we did with JusTours. Or, work to develop an innovative interactive platform to enhance your existing service, as we did with Oeno Vaults.

Creative27 partnered with Oeno Vaults to design the User Interface and Experience design of their app including product development and new features implementation.

The result was a sophisticated cellar inventory management tool designed for all levels of consumers. With direct access to all Oeno Vaults concierge services, consumers experience a seamless transition from the time their wine is ready at the winery to the moment it’s ready for the glass.


• App Strategy

• Research & Discovery & Insights

• User Experience Design

• User Interface Design

• Interactive Prototyping

• Wearable Devices


• App Development

• Testing & Quality Assurance

• Support & Maintenance


• Social Media Marketing Campaign & Editorial

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

• Promo Product Landing Pages

• Video Production & Motion Graphics

• Content Marketing


• Consulting

• Design UX and UI

• Development

• Support & Maintenance


Oeno Vaults iOS app won several awards including the Best Mobile App Award, category Silver award. You can see more about the Oeno Vaults project here.

Stashimi Mobile Application Design

Featured Project Winner of 2017 IAC Award for Best Music Mobile Android and iOS Application, Stashimi gives music lovers all the songs, videos, photos, news, concert info and more from their favorite bands and artists.

Reop app and website design

Featured Project Winner of Best Design App Award, we helped REOP reimagine the home buying process for today’s world with custom UI, UXD, QA and development across iOS and the web.

LifeSpeed mobile, tablet and web platform

Featured Project How do you rethink personal health management? Rethink the way you look at it. We reimagined personal health management by redesigning the User Interface Design and User Experience Design fo LifeSpeed’s iPhone, iPad and web application.