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Become a product (UI/UX) designer through a mentorship-based program and learn at your own pace.

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Teaching this course is Vasile Tiplea, CEO of Los Angeles-based app design and development agency Creative27.

Vasile has helped 100+ companies launch award-winning products in the market.
He has worked with global brands like Samsung, Sony, Beats, Bose, BBC Worldwide, and more.

about the

The App Design Academy is unlike any other course on the market because of the mentorship approach Vasile takes to teaching. It is based upon a successful formula that teaches students to become the best designers and readies them to work for the best.


Vasile’s stellar record in the industry brought him to the top, and he created this program to train others to do the same.


Students who completed the program landed jobs as UI designers, UX designers, and product designers at NFL, Mitsubishi Motors, and CBS Interactive.

C27 Academy
alumni & students


Denny is now Director of Product Design at XUMO. Since he completed the program, Denny has work with Fujitsu, Cinedigm and the NFL.


Paul became a Product Designer working
remotely for Ministry Brands. Check out
his portfolio website.


Deniela is completing the Masters
Program with C27 Academy. Take a look
at her Capstone project.

Daniela Project Popup


Julieta, a former fashion designer, is
completing the Product Designer program.
Take a look at her Capstone project.

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guided 1:1
by your mentor


Guided learning will help you build your skills faster and enable your career growth.

1:1 mentorship
Scheduled guided calls with your personal mentor, an award-winning industry expert

Career coaching
Mentor guided personal coaching calls to help you land your next job

Your personal mentor will help you stay on track as you progress through the program


Product UI/UX Designer Curriculum

You’re about to embark on a journey to gain the skills you’ll need to break into the dynamic product designer and UI/UX industry. By the end of the product designer program, you’ll be adept at user research, a pro at wire-framing, a wizard with UI, and prepared to problem solve for any project that gets thrown at you.

Take a look at the product designer curriculum below as it will give you a closer look at what’s required to complete and what your day today activities as a product designer and UI/UX designer will be like.

Module 001

Design Fundamentals

Learn the foundations of design

Module 002


Learn who your competition is and
how to build a superior product

Module 003

User Experience Design

Learn what it takes to create the
blueprint behind great products

Module 004

User Interface Design

Learn the secret behind designing
award winning interfaces

Module 005

Interactive Prototyping

Learn how to build a working prototype model of your product

Masters Program Curriculum

The goal of the masters program is simple: Build 10 professional portfolio pieces, with the guidance of your mentor, that will enable you to start working as a freelance product designer, UI UX designer or seek work full-time.

To get hired, companies will ask for your portfolio website and resume. The masters program focuses on these critical pieces. Each portfolio piece is crafted along-side your mentor, ensuring a world class portfolio that will get you hired.

Module 006

Portfolio Projects

Craft 10 portfolio pieces alongside your
mentor with tailored feedback

Module 007

Interview & Website

1:1 mentoring to help you land a UI/UX designer job


Learn how to design mobile apps and websites

Learn to create UX wireframe designs for websites & apps

Create interactive Prototypes with InVision and Sketch

Learn to create mockups using Sketch, Photoshop, Omnigraffle and InVision

Learn from one of the top influencer in today’s App industry

Learn best practices for User Experience research design

Learn to design user interfaces for websites & apps

Learn to create a website with your portfolio work and start applying for jobs

Start a new career as a UI/UX or product designer

Resume, references and interview preparation

One on one mentorship program with Vasile Tiplea

Complete the entire App Design Academy program in weeks and start working as an app designer

salary stats
for 2020


UI and UX Designer salary statistics from
Glassdoor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics


median pay per year


jobs in 2020 and rising

more questions
about the program?


Schedule a call or e-mail Vasile and he will help you think through the decision.

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I have an app idea and want to design it myself. Will this help me?

Yes. We recommend you complete the entire program so that you have the foundational skills to know how to carry out an app design from ideation to completion.

Is there a discount for vets and high schoolers?

Yes, there is a 20% discount. If you are a vet or high schooler, send us an e-mail with proof at and we’ll apply a 20% discount.

Can I attend college and take this program? How much commitment will this take?

If you attend college full-time, it will be challenging to complete the program. The commitment required is a minimum of 4-hours/day.

I work during the day, can I take this program at night? Will I be able to complete it?

Yes, you may take this program at night. As long as you’re committed to putting in the time and check in with your instructor, you’ll be ok.


What is a portfolio?

A portfolio contains sample pieces of the app design, web design and other digital projects you’ve worked on during this course. This shows to prospect employers your capabilities and strength as an app designer.

Why do I need a portfolio?

If you are seeking a job as an app designer, user interface designer, user experience designer or product designer, you’ll need a portfolio when applying for jobs.

Will I get help with my portfolio?

In order to receive help with your portfolio, you’ll need to take the Portfolio Assignments course. This course goes hand in hand with the Job Interview Preparation. If you are seeking to be employed as an app designer, we highly recommend taking both of these courses.

Why do companies look at portfolios?

Companies look at portfolios to gage your level of expertise as a designer and to see if your style as a designer would match with their needs.


My degree is in Graphic Design, how would this program help me?

If you have a degree in Graphic Design, this program will help you breach the gap between print and digital. On the bright side, as a Graphic Designer you should have strong foundational skills in Typography, Layout and Color which will help you tremendously.

Can I complete the program without taking all of the courses listed here?

If you are a seasoned professional then yes, you may skip some of the courses. We recommend e-mailing us at before enrolling if you are thinking of skipping courses. We’ll assess where you are and provide insights on follow up steps.

What is UI/UX or product designer?

UI refers to User Interface Design which deals with the visual design of an interface. UX refers to User Experience which deals with the mechanics behind how a product/app/website works. A Product Designer is both hands on and leads a team of seasoned professionals in completing a product.

I want to design apps by myself; what is the best and fastest way to do it?

Designing an app is no easy task. Understanding the process and acquiring the skills is crucial to designing successful apps. Taking the C27 Academy program as opposed to a 4-year school is the fastest way to do it.

Is this going to be a bunch of theory?

There is definitely some theory and important concepts covered. The C27 Academy program however focuses more on the practical side of things.

I have an emergency, can I take a break from the program? Will I have to pay it again to continue later on?

The payment for the program covers you for 1-year. If an emergency situation occurs, reach out to us at for an extension.

What if I want to cancel my program, will I get my money back?

There will be no refund once you’ve signed up for the program.

If I pay for my program, how long will I have access to it?

You will have 1 year from the date you’ve enrolled in the program.

If I complete the program, can I work for Creative27 App Agency?

Yes, there is a possibility. Creative27 is constantly seeking seasoned professionals to join their elite team.


What does is it mean mentor course?

Mentor course means Vasile B Tiplea will guide you through the program, review your work and provide insightful feedback to help shape you into an app designer.

What if I fail the course, do I need to take it again?

There are no grades assigned throughout the C27 Academy Program. You’re welcome to take courses multiple times to sharpen your skills. Just remember you’ll have 1-Year access from the time you enrolled in the course.

What kind of assignments will I have? What if I do not have my assignment complete, what happens?

Each course has its own assignments which will help you put theory and lessons taught into practice. Not completing your assignments is setting yourself up for failure. We highly recommend completing each assignment to get the most out of each course.

How often can my mentor meet with me?

Vasile B Tiplea will be providing feedback to your assignments via the Vabotu platform to which you will gain access once enrolled in the course. 1 on 1 Mentoring is available throughout the Portfolio Assignments and Job Interview Preparation. The Portfolio Review Preparation course comes with ten 45 minutes 1 on 1 sessions.

May I pay one course at a time?

You cannot, you will have to pay for the entire program upfront.

I am a designer, can I just take courses to my liking?

If you are seasoned designer, you may choose the courses you wish to take.


What kind of software/ tools do I need?

Throughout this course you will use Omnigraffle, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Craft Manager and InVision.

Can I get a discount for the software you use, and how?

Each of the software covered in this course provide a free trial which you will be able to use for the course. In addition there are student discounts provided. Please learn more about this on each of the software websites provided.

Can I complete the program without the tools listed above?

You do not have to use these exact tools. You may use other tools to complete program.

Will you teach how to use the tools?

There will be a brief introductory course for each of the software listed to get you up and sprinting.

Finding a Job in the App Industry

I want to start a new career as an app designer, how long will it take before applying for jobs?

It all depends on your pace as you take each course, complete the assignments and work on your portfolio. The average length of the program is 5 to 8 months.

How do you help with job placement?

We’ll guide you through where to apply and how to apply. Once you complete the Portfolio Assignments and Job Interview Preparation courses you’ll be up and ready to put yourself on the market.

How can you help with job interviews? Will you train me how to present myself and what to show in my portfolio?

For job interviews we’ll make sure you have your resume, LinkedIn and Portfolio ready. You will also be prepared for interview questions and how to talk about your work and strengths as a designer.

I want to start my own App Agency, does your program teach how to do it and what to be aware of?

This program does not cover this. However be on the lookout as we’re putting together a program that teaches seasoned designers and freelancers how to breach the gap between their day job and dream job.