App success: How do you create a success ready app?


Creating an app is one thing. Ensuring it is successful is another, very different one. Unfortunately, many people don’t know this. They will relax after launching it on Play Store or App store and wait to reap the benefits. Sadly, many never get to enjoy their hard work. Instead, they keep worrying about its poor or non-performance and most will eventually give up. As an app developer, you don’t imagine your app becoming a failure, right?

The truth is app success is a journey that involves constant monitoring, change from time to time, adding or removing some features, and much more. What may look successful on paper may prove otherwise in the real world. Things may suddenly change in the market making it less appealing. To increase the success rate of an app, you have to put in the hard work. At times, you may need to rely on Trial & Error.

How to make an app success ready?

Step 1: Don’t wait too long

Time in App Success

As any person involved in app development, your goal is to make and launch the app sooner rather than later. So, why would you still have it on the shelves weeks or months after it was completed? The app world is ever changing and it does so fast. What may be the big thing today may soon be overtaken by another app in a month, week or even days. This means that by the time you are releasing your app, it will be less enticing and also less valuable.

It is crucial you launch the app as soon as possible. Ensure that during the development stage, you already have a clear timeline of when you will release it to the public. Also, know the strategy you will be using, the people that will be involved and the funding needed. With such plans in place, chances of a delayed app launch are greatly minimized. Like the common adage states, “the early bird catches the worm.”


Step 2: Create Hype

Hype in App Success

One common thing about app success is that the greatest and most successful ones create a buzz in the market even before they are launched. People are already anxious to get the app based on the little information they have about it. A good picture is the long queues of people who line up to purchase a new phone that has just hit the stores. As we all know, the creator always reaps most benefits at this point.


It is no different in app development. Try to get as many people as possible interested in your app before the launch. Drum up the excitement by giving them titbits on how it will change their lives, why it is the better option. And also make them feel part of the launch. Use email collection points to get their views on what they want and expect in a new app, interact with them via social media, create a web page that allows them to share their views and also interact with other people. If done right, you will already have a huge market even before the launch.


Step 3: Make it Social

Social Media in App Success

When looking for tips or strategies on how to make an app successful, many people overlook social media. Yes, they know that it may have an impact but they would rather focus on other strategies. As you may already know, social media is taking the world by storm. Nowadays, people do everything on social media. They will inquire about services and products, share information about soon-to-be-released apps, give their views and comments, learn about things via the platform and much more.

Creating a profile on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites helps to spread the word about the app. You can also use the platforms to get people’s views on what they would like to see in the app, where current apps are falling short, and also gauge how much they are willing to spend. Reading the comments or interactions from the users will also give you insights on how and when they prefer the launch, as well as creating a buzz before the release. Loading images on Instagram, creating catchy hashtags on Twitter, including the URL of the landing page are some of the viable options.


Step 4: Create a website

Creating a website for App Success

You can boost app success by creating a website that specifically focuses on the app. It will talk about the app, why it was created, whom it targets, and why it is the best option for you. The site will also give images or video clips about the app, consumer opinions, expert reviews, mockups, press releases and more. A consumer will be able to get more insight about the app by just going to the website.

To make it more noticeable and stand out from others, you should ensure the website is SEO friendly. It will rank high on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines meaning that more people will access it. Linking it to social media platforms, incorporating videos and linking it to the likes of YouTube also helps.


Step 5: Ensure it is trending


People are always excited or lured by things that are trending. Yes, it may not be something they have been thinking about but they will research it just because it is trending. As an app developer or creator, you should use strategies that will make it trend in the market. This gives you a head start even before it hits the market.

Usually, this entails using ASO and/or SEO for apps. First, research on the keywords and keyword phrases that are trending and relate to your app. Next, look at the ones that rank highest in SERP. Thereafter, create the title, description, or headline to match the one that ranks top. It pays to engage the services of an SEO expert who will help you to come up with a good title or description, run Analytics to get the right information and monitor the SERP ranking.


Step 6: Create a video

videos help in the success of an app

Another strategy that will boost chances for app success is videos. It is a known fact that people are drawn more to videos and images than plain text. A simple short video clip is more user-friendly than long blocks of text. Many people admit that they will overlook or skip an app description just because it has lots of text. A very brief description may not be enough to tell the target viewer what the app is all about.

An image tells a thousand words. A short video clip is all you need to draw the attention of a viewer. Use a catchy headline, make the graphics high quality, incorporate catchy sounds or even music, and also include a good description. A video that lasts less than one minute may tell the viewer all he/she needs to know.


In conclusion

By following the above tips, not only are you more certain of the app success, but also will reap the benefits. The main aim is to do it right the first time to prevent going back to the drawing board. Nevertheless, it’s highly unlikely that it will be 100% market or success-ready. This means that you will need to reevaluate and constantly monitor it to see how it is performing.

Launching and monitoring an app requires lots of commitment and involvement. Working with an experienced and trustworthy app development company is always a good idea. One, the firm will already have hands-on-experience on launches and should guide you on the best approach. Two, it will give you real-life examples of some of the successful apps. Three, it saves you the headaches and stresses associated with the process. Follow the right strategy for maximum benefits and satisfaction.