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Browse and click for cravings

The food delivery app development industry has grown tremendously due to the exponential growth of the food industry from the time where we would farm the land or go to the market, to today where all produce and food products we could ever want are lined up in giant buildings around the world ready to be plucked from the shelf.

Not only can we physically walk into stores and gain access to almost anything our hearts desire, but we can also go online, browse and click for our cravings, then have them delivered directly to our door. That is how far we have come thru the innovation of food delivery app resources.

As the food industry has grown, it is not only access to food products that has been enhanced through the innovation of technology. We have also seen a rise in food and diet trends, as well as platforms to educate us on which food based lifestyle best suits us. Standing out in the food industry is tough.

Competition is stiff and gaining loyal customers is an art. Especially when you’re competing with the supermarket giants and these bring about competitions within the food apps as well.

Standing out in the food industry requires a customer-centric approach, along with a strong value proposition and brand story to connect with your consumers and gain loyalty. This is where Creative27 comes in with its team specializing in the food delivery app development niche. For more than a decade, our secret to success has been through always putting the audience at the center of research, design, development, and marketing. We create beautiful user interfaces, user experience designs and marketing campaigns to attract, engage and capture the hearts and minds of your audience.

Awarded Best of Food Industry Application

We helped bring Assuaged’s mission of providing health-conscious recommendations to life by defining, designing & developing the iOS mobile app & website and become a strong competitive assets to the rest of the food apps development industry. We’ve also created the motion graphic video and launched a pre-post-ongoing marketing plan.

The Assuaged app won Best of Food Industry Mobile Application from The Web Marketing Association, on behalf of Assuaged.

You can view the Assuaged project here.