Creative27 welcomes Assuaged to our client family

Creative27 and Assuaged set out to build the next generation product curation & recommendation platform. Together we will set a new trend in how people find best in class products recommended by professionals.

Upmyle & Creative27 embark on a journey to redefine Social Fitness

Looking for inspiration to get fit this season? We have just the thing! From sporting events, fitness challenges, inspiring stories, latest accomplishments, personal portfolios – we’ve got it covered. Connecting fitness enthusiasts from across the world, this ground-breaking app will redefine the social fitness landscape. Quite literally, we’ve gone the extra myle to create a powerful and effective app that unites the community, raises awareness and lets you dream big! Yes, it’s time to get excited!

Clutch Nominates Creative27 as Top Los Angeles Web Design Firm 2017

Clutch adopts a stringent review process that extends over 50+ markets and 500+ companies. It was an incredible honor to be picked as one of the best from amongst the ‘Firms that Deliver’! But to us ‘delivery’ isn’t just the last stop on the route; it’s an opportunity to create a new inconceivably high standard that other firms can only dream to achieve. This is the ethos that drives us to bag numerous awards, as perfection is not just a principle listed on a fancy webpage but for Creative27- it’s a way of life! Find out more right here.

Clutch was created to solve an important, two-sided problem. How do buyers of professional services and software find the best companies to meet a specific need? And conversely, how do leading services and software firms stand out from the sea of mediocre competitors?

As a buyer with a large budget, one option is to hire an expensive research firm to identify even more expensive, monolithic providers. But what if you wanted to work with leading specialists at more nimble, focused companies or had a limited budget?

Clutch was born in 2012 to help solve this problem. Our founders had firsthand experience as both buyers and sellers of services and software and knew there must be a better way. We looked to both the large, traditional IT research firms and more innovative consumer review sites for inspiration and developed a new approach that included the best of both worlds.

We tested our new methodology on the mobile app development market and, after a few twists and turns along the way, have become recognized as the go-to resource for buyers and sellers of app development services. With this success under our belts, we are expanding into other technology, marketing, and business consulting segments and have researched and reviewed 500+ companies covering 50+ markets.

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Creative27 Nominated Digital Agency of the Year 2017 – West USA

Corporate America Unveils the 2017 Boardroom Elite Awards Winners

Don’t just take our word for it! Corporate America recognized Creative27’s design leadership, professional diligence and skillful project management by nominating us Digital Agency of the Year 2017. The Boardroom Elite award just cements our presence in this niche and sends out a strong message that we don’t just make promises – but we deliver big time! Dominating the corporate design landscape, our tireless zeal to outperform on every project is clearly evident from our award-winning portfolio. Let us shape how you influence, communicate and inspire your audience through game-changing memorable apps that are instantly recognized and loved!

United States, 2017 – Corporate America announces the winners of the 2017 Boardroom Elite Awards.

Business success is always a collective effort, with the entire workforce of any company working tirelessly to ensure that the firm performs to the best of its ability. However, it is the Board of Directors and C-Level Executives whose leadership, experience and commitment help drive the business to success.

Corporate America Boardroom Elite Award nominates Creative27 as Digital Agency of the Year 2017 – West USA

About Corporate America Magazine

Corporate America is the definitive magazine for CEOs, top tier management and key decision makers across the US. Created to inform, entertain, influence, and shape the corporate conversation across the nation through high quality editorial, in-depth research and an experienced and dedicated network of advisers, Corporate America provides our readership with the most authoritative and current analysis of the major changes effecting the corporate landscape, and the latest deals and topical issues dominating the corporate universe.

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Top App Creators, names Creative27 as Best Wearables App Development Company

We’re at the top! Leading listing service, Top App Creators names Creative27 as a top contender in the ‘Best Wearables App Development Company’ category. And with good reason! A small screen size doesn’t stop us from offering instant wrist-based access to intelligent apps with handy features, fluid animation, customizable alerts, live updates, voice input and so much more! We’ve taken the exciting world of wearable tech to a whole new level. Find out more right here.

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Creative27 Nominated Platinum Award for Best Social/Lifestyle app on behalf of its client, District27

Check out the trendiest way to get social! District27 gives you amazing one-touch functionality in making and staying connected with friends who share similar interests. Creative27 created an end-to-end branding and digital solution with outstanding web, mobile and wearable versions. It’s no wonder that Best Mobile App Awards nominated us for a Platinum Award for Best Social/Lifestyle App! We didn’t just get the community excited – we created a safe, credible and fun way to celebrate real relationships!

Creative27 won Platinum Award for Best Social/Lifestyle app category on behalf of its client, District27

District27 is a social app that allows you to meet & connect with people within your surroundings.

Creative27 defined, designed, developed and launched the iOS native mobile app and product landing website.

Creative27 created the branding image for District27 including the logo, icon, messaging, apparel design, promo cards and promo videos.

We kicked off this project by conducting research to discover and understand how people would use the District27 app. Then, we outlined key UX scenarios, screens, features, and funnels that aligned to the app’s top use cases across its wearable, mobile, and web versions.

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Business of Apps names CEO Vasile Tiplea amongst the Top Twenty Founders for Digital Innovation

44 App Development Leaders You Need to Know

You’ll find more than a thousand app developers and then there a few that have redefined digital interactivity across multiple platforms. Vasile Tiplea infuses each project with cutting-edge innovation, best-in-class interfaces and superb functionality. Recognized by Business of Apps as a leading and revolutionary app master, he unlocks opportunities for a connected future. Check out his prolific partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands.

Who are the people behind some of the best app development companies out there? Often, the mindset and direction founders give an agency will strongly determine their success and what it’s like to work with them and their company ethos. That’s why we’ve rounded up twenty of the CEOs, CTOs and founders of the some of the best app development companies out there who you should follow for being on the cutting edge of mobile innovation and delivering fantastic apps.

Featured on the front cover of Boardroom Elite 2016, Vasile Tiplea has led Creative 27 to win a number of industry awards including best digital agency in California – no small feat when you consider the competition!

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