Connected Learning Alliance Partners with Creative27 on New Cross-Platform Project

Passion. Purpose. Perseverance. Put that all together and you’ll get a glimpse of what Connected Learning Partners is all about. Going beyond the boundaries of traditional learning, they’ve charted an innovative path where state-of-the-art digital technology and an integrated approach paves the way for effective education. This driven group of brilliant educators, experts, and youth-serving organizations aims at generating career, civic and educational opportunities using the plethora of tools offered by the digital age.

Connected Learning Alliance has partnered with Creative27 to bring this vision to reality. While we roll up our sleeves and get to work on this interesting project, our aim goes beyond delivering a functional and aesthetic product. We will dig deep to truly understand and uncover every intricate detail so we can deliver a responsive product that is custom-made to cater to the specific needs of the company.

Our journey of product discovery, user experience and interface design will take us across platforms to give users an unrivalled and distinctive experience. Our concepts will be backed by deep research and analysis in order to present a solution that meets their exact requirement head on!

Covering key platforms of web, tablet and mobile, our team will revitalise CLA’s brand image and create an intelligent, interactive and interesting interface that will be a delight to use.