The Importance of Conducting Research in Design


Design research is an invaluable part of product development. While companies will often try to make excuses to skip the process, they can’t afford to do without it. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when trying to find your niche and determine your customer segment. However, rather than gamble on the success of your product, investing in design research and discovery … Read More

5 Key Elements of Digital Design Layout


When it comes to creating an effective and appealing digital design layout, balance is critical. The aim is to create something which has its own sense of order and purpose and allows the user to find what they need. We know all about that here: Creative27 was awarded for creating captivating layouts across various apps. It’s essential to consider the … Read More

Principles of Color in App Design


Color is a crucial element in designing an app. Its importance goes way beyond what looks pretty or even what colors are flashy and draw attention. Colors subconsciously give the viewer a lot of information about the app, even if they never read a word of text. Color is powerful and using the right colors can literally make the difference … Read More

The Importance of Typography in Design


A piece of graphic design is only as good as its typography. When it comes to creating brochures, flyers, logos, apps, web pages, or any graphic design element, it needs to be eye-catching and well put-together. Otherwise, people won’t bother to look at it, let alone try to learn more about your brand. That makes typography the heart of quality … Read More

Top 9 Mobile Medical Apps


mobile medical apps

The use of the internet and online resources in the medical sector has increased tremendously in recent years. A recent study shows that today, 30% of Americans consult Google to check their symptoms. They then base their treatments on their self-diagnosis, without involving any human medical professional. They find that this practice saves them time and resources, and prefer to … Read More

How much does App Development Cost?


App Development Cost breakdown

So how much does it cost to develop an app? You have that awesome idea, and you are looking to hire someone to turn it into a reality. This question has been lingering in your mind since you first came up with that idea. If this describes you, and you have been doing tons of research on app development costs … Read More

Creating Innovative Apps


innovative apps

The Entertainment industry is full of opportunities. It holds a huge potential for app developers who are willing to push boundaries and try to come up with new solutions to old problems. This traditionally cool and hip industry has come to love and appreciate innovative solutions, especially when it comes to matters tech. We turn to our favorite sources of … Read More

How to Make a Social Media App Successful


How to Make a Social Media App

If you are thinking about how to make a social media app successful, it is easy to feel a little intimidated by the big players in the industry. It is no secret that the social media space has well-established companies that basically control the entire industry. They already cater to what feels like every human social need, so why bother … Read More

App Awards: A list of 11 Best App Awards


app awards

What does it take to make an award-winning app? Is it luck? Good design? Your marketing efforts? Or perhaps it is all about functionality or brand recognition? Maybe no one factor can get you that award. Perhaps it is a combination of all of these? It is nice to be recognized for doing something you love. An award can be … Read More

Online Privacy – Respect Your App Users


Online Privacy

Today the world has gone online. Every individual, business or organization that does not use apps is either non-existent or on the way to oblivion. Being online has its ups and downs. On the ups side you’ll get access to a global audience just by the tap of your phone screen but on the flip side is the issue of … Read More