Our innovative healthcare apps bring you closer to your patients

In the last decade, the online health market has exploded…

The market for medical apps is enormous, and craving new and innovative solutions to enter the market.

Medical may not be the first industry you connect with innovation. Yet, every advancement in this space is research, testing and innovation translating into life-saving and life-enhancing knowledge and services to help everyday people.

In the last decade, the online health market has exploded, and at least one-third of Americans will consult Dr. Google to check their symptoms and seek out the appropriate treatment based on what the results and their self and online analysis have come back with and this is where healthcare app developers are bringing all of the medical resources online.

As everyday people become savvier with their own medical needs, challenges arise in ensuring that they are not being misled and do in fact access the right treatments. All of this information also requires a way be tracked when switching from one medical practitioner to another. Digital technology provides the bridge to allow one innovative field to meet another, resulting in ingenious solutions able to improve lives and equip doctors with more information.

Creative27 developers can help you bring your medical / healthcare app solution to life, as well as guide you through what you need to know about industry regulations.

In regards to healthcare app developers, we helped Life Speed to create a platform which would allow users to keep track of their personal data, medical records, and bodily statistics all in one place.

Creative27 brought their vision to life by creating annotated UX scenarios, screens and in-app funnels for their mobile, tablet and web portals.

MD Circle came to us to define and & design their multi-platform digital product where healthcare providers could connect with patients, family, friends, and colleagues through a confidential, private digital network. This is another way to show how our healthcare app developers are making strides in this industry.

Creative27’s “journey to breakthrough” is a pragmatic three-step approach to innovation:


For the past decade, Creative27 won over 100 awards. We helped ideas, grow, mature and thrive into sustainable award winning digital products. Click here to see a list of recent awards.

Whether it’s designing and developing the user interface and user experience or working from the ground up performing market research and comparative market analysis to design and develop mobile apps for wifi enabled smart appliances, Creative27 can help.