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E-commerce industry, rocking the retail sector

It has been less than two decades since the e-commerce industry was formed, rocking the retail sector as it grew. In the early 2000’s, a wave of businesses began to offer their products and services online. The e-commerce mobile app development came about as the mobile apps took over the convenience of shopping.

By 2007, US e-commerce sales were accounting 3.4 percent of total sales from traditional “bricks and mortar” retail stores. Today, the number of online customers globally is upward of 1.66 billion, and that number is predicted to skyrocket to 2.14 billion by 2022. In the overall assessment of the shopper, the retail and e-commerce mobile app development has become more personal as the mobile use became more integral in every day use.

Marketing that attracts customers to your site

There are great opportunities to be seized in the retail and e-commerce mobile app development industries. With so many brands online, however, standing out requires more than outstanding products, delivery terms, and customer service.

Retail and e-commerce brands in today’s market must have a phenomenal online presence (whether you sell online or not). Marketing that attracts customers to your site, and an on app, or on platform, experience designed to convert while delighting customers.

Creative27’s retail app development team has worked with world-class brands, such as iHerb, to bring together an engaging user experience with a complete mobile e-commerce experience designed to lead customers to purchase intuitively.

Awarded Best International Mobile Website

Creative27 developed the award-winning iPhone and iPad app for to increase access to high-quality nutrition and make clean eating easier (because, well, we all could use a little help in that department). The result was an iOS app with beautifully designed, engaging features, and complete mobile e-commerce experience.

Creative27’s iOS design for iHerb earned us world-class recognition and won the Best International Business Mobile Website distinction in 2013.

You can view the iHerb project here.