An Award Winning App Development Agency in the Real Estate Industry

An industry impacted by technology…

Creative27, through thorough analysis, helps clients to define their product by gaining a deep insight into the behaviors of their users.

With this information, we create solutions and user experiences which make you stand out from the competition.

Real estate is an industry that few would have expected to have been so heavily impacted by the introduction of technology. For some time, having a website and your listings online was sufficient to get renters and buyers to call in and start the in-person interaction.

Today, as buyers and renters are becoming more comfortable with shopping online, so too have they become more expectant of having this same service available for real estate. Technology has completely transformed the real estate industry from an in-person and on-paper service to a giant online marketplace with stiff competition.

Consumers now expect to be able to browse rentals or properties for sale just as they would browse photos of their friend’s vacations on social media. They expect to be able to book an inspection or make an application with just a click or two, intuitively, from where they are viewing the properties.

With the abundance of sophisticated real estate booking platforms in the market, it is not enough to just be online; real estate businesses must offer an online solution to rival competition and encourage customers to select them above everyone else.

Winner of March Awards: Best Designed Mobile App

REOP partnered with Creative27 to reimagine the home buying process for today’s world with a custom user interface, user experience design, quality assurance and development for iOS and the web.

The result was a modern, minimalist look that consisted of stunning visuals, a powerful search tool and a clutter-free way to display key property details.

You can view what the Real Estate App Development team of Creative27 worked on here.