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Engage with talented voiceover actors and produce/mix the background music and sound effects

We carefully edit the audio content to ensure that it clearly conveys your brands’ key message.

Now that the visual elements — animation and video — are complete, it is time to add some sound to your motion graphics in the sound design phase. In this stage of the motion graphics creation process, we engage with talented voiceover actors to bring the narrative to life on top of your imagery.

At this stage, we also select and finalize the background music and any other sound effects needed to bring the animation, motion graphics and video to life. We will go through a thorough review of the audio messaging where we test it multiple times in conjunction with the animation to ensure it hits the mark and will have maximum impact on your audience.

Sound design is the last step before we get your final approval and moving forward to rendering so that we can get your video online.

Once all of the pieces of your motion graphics have been put together, we carefully edit the audio content to ensure that it clearly conveys your brands’ key message. Internally, the audio and almost complete motion graphics will undergo several rounds of review to get it just right. Once we are confident that we have your message on point, we will pass it onto you for the final review and approval.


Creative27 provides sound design services and has a team of animation and video specialists ready to deliver first-class animation and video production encompassing both the visual and audio elements in a succinct motion graphic that is on brand and designed to capture, connect and motivate your audience to take action and engage with your brand.

We don’t just create beautiful motion graphics; we design motion graphics that are proven to get results.

Creative27 achieves continual results for our clients, due to our pragmatic approach. We marry together more than a decade of expertise in designing, developing and marketing apps with a stringent process that sees us research, test and re-test every idea and example, before delivering you a first-class solution that has already been proven effective with your audience.

Moreover, Creative27 are app enthusiasts. We don’t just work in this industry; we are pioneers. It is the passion and adoration for this industry and the work we get to do within it, that makes Creative27 an app partner, rather than just an app service provider.

We are trusted by clients of all sizes and solutions to craft the voice behind their message.

Creative27 provides sound design services and knows what your audience wants to hear and how to tie it in with the awe-inspiring visuals we have made to accompany your message.

For quality sound design to make your motion graphics pop, get in touch with us here at Creative27. Your company’s app design, development, and marketing partner.