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Wearable devices aren’t just a fashion trend for the tech lover…

Wearable devices have smart sensors and are connected to the internet for data exchange; this makes them complementary to other apps and devices, and the industry is called wearable device apps.

wearable app development in a watch

Since the Fitbit was released in 2009, the wearable devices’ category has been one to watch.

Speaking of watches, it was only 2013 when the first smartwatch was released, and we haven’t looked back since. In 2016, the estimated number of wearable devices was 325 million. That number is forecast to reach over 830 million in 2020; an astronomical increase which is only going to continue to rise faster as technology develops. Voilà, we opened our wearable apps development department to facilitate opportunities and possibilities for this fresh industry.

Wearable devices usually have smart sensors and are connected to the internet for data exchange; this makes them complementary to other apps and devices. Hence the popularity in recent years for businesses to expand their user offers to include wearable device apps.

Wearable devices aren’t just a fashion trend for the tech lover; they are enhancements of the apps that consumers love. Henceforth, our focus has been on wearable apps development geared not only to sports, but also to daily “to-dos”.

A wearable app facilitates a seamless operation while on the move. It is perfect option that compliments your mobile app and it becomes the next logical step for brands looking to expand their offering to meet consumers needs wherever they are. Our wearable app development team at Creative27 works hand in hand with our clients to bring the idea into realization. Therefore, when we release one of our wearable device apps, it makes sense to bring accessibility to the customer, whether it is a fitness app or just a reminder. It is always good to bring connectivity to the entire world!

Creative27 knows the value of complementary apps to appease consumers looking for more from their apps.

We work with our clients to design wearable device apps that fit your brand, meet market needs, look sleek, and feel effortless in their interaction. All of our work is based on thorough research, discovery, and insight to find what your consumers are seeking and delivering a product to satiate the need.

Creative27’s Methodical Approach to Wearable App Development

As with all of our app creation, whether it is mobile, web or wearable devices, Creative27 takes on these tasks methodically.

fitness wearable app development

First, our wearable app development team focuses on working to define the product based on thorough research and user insights, before moving forward to engineering and development.

Then, finally defining a marketing strategy and execution plan to get your wearable device app solution into the right hands, or onto the right wrists.

Wearable devices may be a relatively new category, but Creative27 has extensive experience designing, developing and marketing wearable solutions.

We have great success in this space, thanks to our methodical approach and more than a decade worth of wearable app development experience, giving us invaluable insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Creative27 doesn’t just have the capability to design and develop wearable solutions; we have hands-on experience creating successful wearable solutions for clients; so you can feel confident that we know how to deliver.

Is it time to expand your brand’s offering into the wearable device app market?

Taking a step into new territory should be done with the help of experts who understand what it takes to create wearables that users love.
Get in touch with Creative27’s wearable app development team to talk about how we can design a wearable solution to enhance your brand.