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Your logo is what your audience will soon memorize as the visual representation of your company and all it stands for

Your company’s logo matters. It is the first impression of your brand. The logo is what your audience will soon memorize as the visual representation of your company and all it stands for. Try to think of McDonalds without thinking of the golden arches, or Starbucks without the image of a green mermaid. It is important to select a good logo design agency that can deliver a great logo.

Your logo can be a powerful tool, so getting it right is essential. Done well, your logo can help you to build brand recognition, which leads to brand loyalty. Consider all of the simple images that do not include a brand name, yet immediately trigger a connection to a specific brand. This is the incredible power of logo design done the right way.

Logo’s also help you to keep consistency in all of your communication; this consistency creates a sense of professionalism and credibility. A thoughtful logo shows that you know who you are and what you represent. It distinguishes you from competition and has the power to communicate a strong message about your brand. All this with just a small image. That is a strength not to be underestimated.

Creating a logo is not as simple as whacking together a cute design. Your logo should be designed to connect with a specific audience; your audience. With this in mind, Creative27, a logo design agency, first looks at your audience persona; who they are and how best to relate with them. We also look at your competitors, who is doing well and why. Then, we combine these findings with your culture, values, style, and tone to create a logo which represents you and resonates with your audience.

It is this research first and audience focussed approach that sets Creative27 apart and has seen us able to deliver triumphant results for our clients for more than a decade. We love what we do; we thrive when you thrive, and we aren’t happy unless your customers are happy.

Before digital marketing was even a concept, logo design has been recognized as a powerful tool for businesses and organizations big and small. Creative27 is proud to be a logo design agency that delivers great results.

A quality logo can transform a business or organizations brand recognition no matter the sector.

Coupled with messaging and positioning, your logo is sure to reach your target audience and quickly build brand recognition and credibility.

Logo Design Work

Here are a few samples of logo design work that the Creative27 team has worked on:

Trust the team at Creative27 to understand you, your brand, and your customers to bring together a logo design that reflects your brand and communicates your message.