Creative27, featured on Entrepreneur: These App Designers Have Carved Out Niches in Areas Like the Pet and Investment Industries

PensterDocs is a document management app for pets — or you can call it a pet-information repository. It allows you to keep all the important information about your pet including vaccinations, vet appointments and papers neatly organized and accessible. You can set reminders for everything from vaccination appointments to small tasks like taking your dog for a walk.

We have tons of document management apps, but this one breaks through the clutter by bringing forth a well-designed and well-rounded pet document and task management app. You can store all your pet documents and show them at pet salons, boarding facilities, etc. without carrying them everywhere.

If you have more than one pet (because you just can’t have one), you can store multiple profiles and access all the information including allergies, vet information, shot verifications, check-up summaries, etc. just by clicking on the profile. You can easily share these profiles with people in your family, caretakers, dog-walkers and boarders to ensure no one misses out on any important information.

You can even keep special notes and phone numbers, so you can call your veterinarian, find nearby animal rescue centers and kennels in a jiffy. The best part is their community is thriving, and you can find a wealth of knowledge, stories and funny anecdotes from other people using this app. Click here to read more.