Creative27 is Joining Forces with Nero to Transform the Way People Listen to Music

Coming soon to an iPhone near you, Creative27 is set to unveil a game-changing music service app for its client, Nero.

Nero is a software company that is well known for creating programs and platforms that help consumers access, enhance, and share their digital content (like photos, videos, and music) seamlessly across PCs, smartphones, tablets, and social networks. Nero also produces a top-selling multimedia software suite, which contains a powerful collection of apps ranging from video editors to file back-up systems to content syncing solutions.

Now, Nero has entrusted Creative27 with the task of defining and establishing a music service product from the ground up. Our team is leading the research process to uncover how people currently use music apps and where there are gaps. With this information, we’re going to build the digital jukebox people want, but don’t have yet.

Our goal is to discover the future of mobile music and then encapsulate it inside a beautifully designed app.