CES 2016 Innovation Award Winner – Wifi enabled robotic bartending smart appliance

Benefiting customers with a whole new level of functionality, value and convenience our revolutionary iOS and Android apps for Somabar’s Wi-Fi enabled robotic bartending smart appliance won the CES 2016 Innovation Award. With this robotic bartender, mixing a cocktail has never been simpler! You can pick your own ingredients and alcohol level or choose a drink from the app-based menu. Thanks to Creative27’s innovative design features, with just a touch of your finger you can be a professional mixologist!

In 2015, Creative27 led the product discovery, UX, and UI design for Somabar’s inventive craft cocktail appliance’s iOS and Android apps. In 2016, Somabar wins CES 2016 Innovation Award Winner Wifi enabled robotic bartending smart appliance.

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Bartending becomes as easy as pressing a button with the world’s smallest bartender, which integrates sensors, wi-fi connectivity, automated cleaning and electronic ingredient tagging. The Somabar app also allows users to share cocktails with anyone in the world in a matter of seconds.