Creative27 receives Award for Best Digital Agency 2016 in Innovation and App Design in California

Creative27 named The Corporate America Boardroomelite twenty sixteen as Best Digital Agency 2016 in Innovation and App Design in California.

United States, February 2016 – Corporate America announces the winners of the 2016 Boardroom Elite Awards.

A business’ success is largely down to the collective effort of all of its employees, however, the role played by its leaders – especially in this on-going challenging corporate environment – is a critical factor, and our award winners prove that in times of economic turmoil, good leadership is the difference between surviving and thriving.

As such the 2016 Boardroom Elite Awards showcase the most respected companies and their C-level executives, while recognizing and rewarding outstanding success, innovation and ethics across America’s business communities

Kate Howells, Awards Co-ordinator, said: “A businesses success can be contributed to a vast number of factors, but ultimately it is the decisions and hard work of the firm’s executives that helps steer the company in the right direction. As such I am proud and honored to turn the spotlight on our deserving winners.”

All winners for the awards were the result of months of research and analysis from Corporate America’s dedicated awards team. As a result, each and every winner was chosen on merit only, and can take great pride from the fact that they were selected for their success.

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