How to Make an App Addictive


How to Make an App Addictive

Like other app creators and developers, you regularly search things like how to make an app, creating a successful app, making a catchy app, right? Maybe it is your first time and would like to see success as soon as possible, or you have been in the scene for some time but you always struggle to develop a catchy app.

Without the proper knowledge or the right strategy, you will struggle or face numerous challenges during app development. It may take you a long time, will spend lots of effort tweaking or customizing it, may have a hard time raising the needed capital, or the app development or marketing firm may not be competent enough.

There are different ways of creating an app and each will have different results. What may appeal to you may not be suitable for another person. This calls for a deeper reach on the different strategies, latest market trends, and the target market. To assist you to come up with a high-quality app that is more likely to succeed, we have narrowed down the key issues.

Here is a guide on how to make an app addictive:

1. Understand your market

Many people will begin research on how to make an app before even understanding their market or audience. Some will hear of a good story about a successful app and will duplicate the idea but tweak it to suit their market. Others will simply pay more emphasis to the monetary aspect. While such approaches may work, it has been shown that they are more likely to fail than succeed. This is because the app market is very competitive and changes relatively fast.

Before starting to create an app, you need to know whom you are targeting. Understand what problems he/she faces, why the person needs your app, and why the audience will likely choose your app instead of that from a competitor. Communicating in their language is key to create a following or loyalty. For instance, how you communicate with a person aged above 50 years is very different from the way you would talk to a teenager.


2. Keep it simple

Repeatedly, people have been told to keep the app very simple. Yes, using techy words or IT jargon in your app description may make you look like an expert, however, the target audience will have difficulty understanding the description. Ensure the terminology matches your audience. For instance, “Cool, Trendy, LOL,” are words that go well with the younger generation.

The design of the app should be very simple for easy understanding. The title should not be too long and ensure you use limited to text. It is more desirable to incorporate a video clip or image to explain the app rather than a block of text. Go for the suitable SEO for apps to increase traffic, SERP ranking and market penetration. The color and design should also be basic. Working with experts or reputable app development firms is always a plus, as they will have templates that you can choose from.


3. Pick a good design

What design will you choose? Answering this question isn’t easy even for the most experienced person. What may have been the top design yesterday may no longer be a good option. This is due to the constant emergence of better and more appealing designs. You don’t want to spend so much time and resources on an obsolete plan, do you? To make matters worse, you don’t even know that it is no longer viable.

The kind of design UX you use will determine the development process as well as the reception in the market. The rule of thumb is to make sure the icon or image stands out and leaves a lasting notion. Catchy designs, good color choice, identifying with the target market, and monitoring the latest development are critical.


4. Identify the people involved

Making a mobile app may seem easy. There are so many readily available templates, it is easy to copy paste an idea, or you can seek help from a friend who works at an app developing company to help you out. However, many people soon face challenges when defining the tasks. They don’t know who will deal with the app design and at what level. Some will try to do everything on their own to lower the cost. Unfortunately this usually further complicates the process.

Before you begin the development, you need to define the different stages, who will be in charge, the time duration, the funding source, and if you will need an angel investor or venture capitalist to support you. Talking to other developers helps to guide you through the process. It also sheds more light on things that you may have overlooked.


5. The most suitable app store

When thinking in lines of how to make an app, you should have an idea of where you are going to host it. You have the option of placing the app in App Store or Play Store. The two platforms are very popular and have a large user base`. However, each one has its strength and weaknesses and this may vary with the type of app. For instance, App store may be suitable for game apps while Play Store may be better for shopping.

It is not straightforward to know the most suitable one for you. This is because the market trends and perception keep changing. Lots of research is required to find the best fit. And as always advised, you should engage an app developing or marketing company, interact with like-minded individuals, and rely heavily on trial and error.


6. Monetizing the app

Finally, you will have the app ready to hit the stores. You already have the target market, the funding for it, and the people who will be involved in the entire process. However, have you identified how it should or will bring in money; when it should it start earning you an income, or the price you are going to sell it for? You will be surprised that quite a number of people think about app monetization only in the final stages or after it has hit the market.

Many will realize that they set the price too high or too low much later. Some simply slice some cents of the best competitors’ price hoping to steal some customers. It is critical that you start planning on the monetization before the app development begins. Identify the most viable marketing strategies, the profit margin, the running costs and more. Talk to other developers, research the market, and allow some margin for error.



There you go. Some of the key tips that will help you create a good app while using the least effort and time. To single them out, it was critical to focus on the best apps in the market, talk to the best app development company and experts that you know, and look at the latest trends and analytics on the market. It is also evident that working with a seasoned and reputable firm guarantees you of a higher success rate than relying too much on trial and error.

By following the above tips, you will have a better chance of building a solid ground for your app. Nevertheless, you should understand that it takes lots of dedication, patience, time and effort to create an app that not only stands out but also has a high and quick return on investment (ROI).