Revitalizing Chase’s Mobile Experience:
When User-Friendliness Meets Innovation


Chase Bank’s mobile app, beloved by 20 million users, faced a glaring conundrum: popularity didn’t translate to satisfaction. As users grappled with a maze of features and a UI that seemed more like a labyrinth, Chase aimed to turn the tide.

Cue the redesign – a project where usability took center stage, driven by insightful user feedback and a goal to streamline a bustling ecosystem.


User Experience Design

User Interface Design


Despite being a banking juggernaut with over 20 million app users, Chase grappled with a slew of user complaints. Critical account information played hide-and-seek, accessibility seemed like an afterthought, and navigating the myriad services felt like a herculean task. To add to the woes, several features would lead users astray, prompting them to re-enter the app through a less-than-friendly interface. It wasn’t just about an overhaul; it was about reinventing user interaction while keeping Chase’s essence intact.


Armed with a trove of user feedback and a penchant for innovation, we embarked on the journey to reshape Chase’s mobile landscape. The strategy was straightforward – prioritize, test, refine, and repeat. By introducing incremental changes backed by relentless usability testing, the UX underwent a complete metamorphosis. Meanwhile, the UI received a fresh facelift, maintaining brand integrity. This rejuvenated approach didn’t just breathe new life into the app but also bolstered user satisfaction, proving that sometimes, simplicity truly is the ultimate sophistication.

User Experience Design

Navigating user feedback felt like decoding a treasure map. With each insight, our path sharpened. Initial sketches were our starting point, swiftly evolving into precise wireframes.
The north star?

Effortless user navigation. We meticulously orchestrated data to ensure a fluid and intuitive journey. In the vast realm of digital banking, we believe the user should always be the maestro.

User Interface Design: Responsive

Blending updated UX with Chase’s brand identity was a tightrope walk. Our mission? Maintain brand consistency while streamlining the interface. We stripped away the non-essentials to craft a familiar yet fresh experience.

The outcome: A user-friendly digital space that welcomes both new and existing customers without diluting the brand’s essence.

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