Connected Learning Alliance

Today, connectivity is everything. And when the community steps forward to take learning to the next level, it’s inspiring. This cross-platform project showcases a robust methodology that combines detailed research, discovery and cross-platform design to deliver outstanding results.

The Research & Discovery Phase with UXD

You can never go wrong when you invest in young people. Now that’s a passion
that we share with CLA.To us, it was never about merely creating a great website.
We did our homework. We got our hands dirty and the results were amazing. From
user expectations and requirements to every functional intricacy; our team
poured over the details to create magic within the digital sphere.

Tablet User Interface Design

Does size matter? Not really. Though watered down in size, the tablet version doesn’t
in any way dilute the message or functionally. We’ve covered the entire gamut from
ideation to creation, including superior navigation, enhanced usability,
wire framing, testing and more.

Mobile User Interface Design

You’re busy, you’re on the go… the last thing you need is a clumsy and cranky mobile site that refuses to cooperate. CLA now has an attractive and astute mobile interface that works like a charm. It’s quick, efficient and includes all the right features for an outstanding interactive experience.

Recent Awards

CES 2016 Innovation Award Winner
Featured on Entrepreneur Magazine
Corporate America Boardroom Elite Best Digital Agency
IF Communication Award
Best International Mobile Website Award
Best Mobile App Award: Silver
Appy Awards
Best Mobile App Award: Platinum
Awwwards Nominee
Best Business of Los Angeles Award in Web Design