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As an industry, consumer electronics has always been in the innovation game. In the early 1900’s we were wowed by the radio, shortly after came the black and white TV, and today we all expect to be able to make video calls (in full color with crisp connection) from the phones in our pocket. The industries speed of progress has been increasing rapidly for more than a century and with this comes increased competition and a fight to get new solutions to customers.


As the range of consumer electronics options grows for customers, their expectations of these products grow, too. Creating innovative new products and solutions regularly is a must for consumer electronics brands. This is where Creative27 comes in. We work with consumer electronics clients to enhance existing products or create new solutions. This is based on thorough market research and comparative market analysis to bring together solutions to entice and excite customers.


• App Strategy

• Research & Discovery & Insights

• User Experience Design

• User Interface Design

• Interactive Prototyping

• Wearable Devices


• App Development

• Testing & Quality Assurance

• Support & Maintenance


• Social Media Marketing Campaign & Editorial

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

• Promo Product Landing Pages

• Video Production & Motion Graphics

• Content Marketing


• Consulting

• Design UX and UI

• Development

• Support & Maintenance


For the past decade, Creative27 won over 100 awards. We helped ideas, grow, mature and thrive into sustainable award winning digital products. Click here to see a list of recent awards.

Whether it’s designing and developing the user interface and user experience or working from the ground up performing market research and comparative market analysis to design and develop mobile apps for wifi enabled smart appliances, Creative27 can help.


Somabar was the CES Innovation Award Winner for their Wifi enabled robotic bartending smart appliance. Somabar partnered with Creative27 to create the world’s first automated bartending app. Creative27 led the product discovery, UX, and UI design for Somabar’s inventive craft cocktail appliances iOS and Android apps. The result was an innovative solution that allows the average person to be a mixologist in just under five second – with just a few taps on their mobile phone.
You can see more on the Somabar project here.




Creative27’s “journey to breakthrough” is a pragmatic three-step approach to innovation:

• Defining the product

• Engineering and development

• Marketing and beyond

Our unique approach, coupled with our passion for creating beautiful experiences that breathes life into brands, is what makes Creative27 an app development and design powerhouse.

Stashimi Mobile Application Design

Featured Project Winner of 2017 IAC Award for Best Music Mobile Android and iOS Application, Stashimi gives music lovers all the songs, videos, photos, news, concert info and more from their favorite bands and artists.

Reop app and website design

Featured Project Winner of Best Design App Award, we helped REOP reimagine the home buying process for today’s world with custom UI, UXD, QA and development across iOS and the web.

LifeSpeed mobile, tablet and web platform

Featured Project How do you rethink personal health management? Rethink the way you look at it. We reimagined personal health management by redesigning the User Interface Design and User Experience Design fo LifeSpeed’s iPhone, iPad and web application.