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Put together the design for what the audio, lights, cameras, animations, voiceovers, graphic design and other important elements..

As a graphic design agency, once the storyboard is finalized, we design the actual graphics. This involves designing the motion graphic video and getting it ready for the next stages. We put together the design for what the audio, lights, cameras, animations, voiceovers, graphics and other important elements will look like.

We bring together all of the moving parts to gradually define how it will all come together before moving into the animation and video stage.

In the design phase we take yet another valuable opportunity to review the motion graphic design; ensure it is going to meet the goals of the video for your brand and for your audience. At this stage, we triple check that you are pleased with what we have and we subject it to audience reviews so that we are able to get valuable feedback before we move ahead to production.

Creative27 is a graphic design agency that has a strong history of designing powerful motion graphics for our clients. Our success is thanks to our focus on market research and insights. We are particularly diligent in the market research and insight process so that we can ensure that our videos are specifically designed to connect and move your audience to action. We may have more than a decade worth of experience to lean on, but we don’t make products or videos based on assumptions.

We create beautiful motion graphics that are research backed and designed explicitly to return results based on your KPIs and business goals. This is where Creative27 shines.

In all of the work we do at Creative27, whether it is app design, development or marketing, we take a three-step approach:

● Defining the solution

● Engineering and develop the solution

● Market the solution

This approach can be applied to every element of app design, development and marketing, with the key being that we always come back to understanding the goals of activities; what our clients want, what their audience wants and what their competitors are doing to get these exact results. We bundle this valuable insight with our 12+ years in the app industry, to bring our clients app solutions, unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Creative27, a graphic design agency, lives and breaths quality design, both when designing apps and when designing video. We have an eye for what catches the attention of our clients desired audience, and we can effectively translate that into a beautiful motion graphic design guaranteed to entice.

Motion graphics transcend industries and can make even the most serious of industries engaging and entertaining.

To secure a motion graphic design to make your audience sit up and pay attention to your brand, speak to the team at Creative27.

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