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Promotional product landing pages are designed to capture information of prospective users so that no lead is wasted

Landing page promotions are the good mate of any quality SEO campaign; they capture leads and move prospects along the sales funnel. When launching a new product, the goal is to get new users and build brand awareness. The challenge is that not everyone will sign up immediately. Some prospective users will require a longer courting process, getting to know your brand before they convert to being a customer.

This is where landing page promotion add their value. Promotional product landing pages are designed to capture information of prospective users so that no lead is wasted. In every interaction, users are encouraged to download your app. However, for any prospects who do not move to download, you can use their information captured on your landing page to continue gently marketing to them, through other methods, such as content marketing through social and email campaigns.

The benefits of a landing page promotion are many. They increase conversions, generate data and insights which can be used for future campaigns and allow you to learn about your customers. Your prospects information can be used to grow your email list, and the action of submitting their information on your landing page promotion helps to improve brand awareness, as they have taken an active step to engage more actively with your brand (willingly giving you their information).

Creative27 combines digital marketing expertise, with our expert web design capabilities to create promotional product landing pages for our clients, designed to optimize the lead capture process, while emulating your brand and product values to build brand credibility.

Creative27 offers a holistic app development and marketing service. We understand more than just marketing; we understand business. As a result, we have a unique ability to design marketing all marketing efforts about business goals, while enticing and engaging your users to boost your brands’ image.

Our unique approach, coupled with our passion for creating beautiful experiences that breathes life into brands, is what makes Creative27 an app development and design powerhouse.

Known for our first-class web development capabilities, we have worked with a host of clients to get their promo product landing pages up and operational.

All businesses and organizations, no matter the sector, need leads or an audience to be relevant. This is where landing pages come in to boost engagement.

For all of your app needs, from design to development and through to support and maintenance. Get in touch with our team at Creative27 to help.

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