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What We’re All About

Well, we’re just like you. We’re people with ideas driven to make them great ideas. Have an app up your sleeve? We’ll roll up ours to make it happen. Need a video to peak interest? Let’s discuss over coffee. We’re your one-stop, Las Vegas based, multi-award winning design and development shop. From concept to launch, we’ll be there. Creating beautiful solutions to help your brand stand out across multiple platforms. We aim to create amazing. Just like you.

Recent News

Creative27 is featured on The Next Web (TNW) a future-proof tech media company

We are honored to have Creative27 featured on The Next Web. Read below a snippet from the article. Find someone to develop your app You can’t just hand your app idea over to anyone. Creative rights aren’t always easy to prove, and someone could steal your app right out from under you. Additionally, you might put your app in the hands of a developer with inadequate skills and the intention to take you for every penny you have. It’s tempting to use freelancers from another country for a discounted rate, but frustration and failure are more than likely in your future if you do so. When Mike Lomovitz, a marketer and entrepreneur, came up with the idea for an app, he hired a developer from… Read More | TNW Feature

Creative27 wins 2017 iAC Award for Best Music Mobile Application on behalf of its client, Stashimi

Your favorite artists at your fingertips! Creative27 made it possible with MyBeat. With music videos, instant feeds, trending events, artist profiles, steaming radio and lots more – you can stay connected. Created for Stashimi, this engaging app is a music lover’s dream. With a variety of genres and super-simple functionality, this versatile application never lets you miss a moment of your favorite music. Creative27 was awarded this honor by Web Marketing Association based on exceptional offerings in critical areas such as design, technology, content, innovation and interactivity. This app is the go-to music streaming service of this generation! The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2017 Internet Advertising Competition Award for Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising. Read More | Nomination | View Project

Creative27 Nominated Digital Agency of the Year 2017 – West USA for second year in a row

Corporate America Unveils the 2017 Boardroom Elite Awards Winners

Don’t just take our word for it! Corporate America recognized Creative27’s design leadership, professional diligence and skillful project management by nominating us Digital Agency of the Year 2017. The Boardroom Elite award just cements our presence in this niche and sends out a strong message that we don’t just make promises – but we deliver big time! Dominating the corporate design landscape, our tireless zeal to outperform on every project is clearly evident from our award-winning portfolio. Let us shape how you influence, communicate and inspire your audience through game-changing memorable apps that are instantly recognized and loved! Read More | Press Statement | Nomination

Stashimi Mobile Application Design

Featured Project Winner of 2017 IAC Award for Best Music Mobile Android and iOS Application, Stashimi gives music lovers all the songs, videos, photos, news, concert info and more from their favorite bands and artists.

Reop app and website design

Featured Project Winner of Best Design App Award, we helped REOP reimagine the home buying process for today’s world with custom UI, UXD, QA and development across iOS and the web.

LifeSpeed mobile, tablet and web platform

Featured Project How do you rethink personal health management? Rethink the way you look at it. We reimagined personal health management by redesigning the User Interface Design and User Experience Design fo LifeSpeed’s iPhone, iPad and web application.

Building an app or website

Our process

As part of our foundational knowledge, we conduct a surface level assessment of top competitors by looking at their digital products’ strengths and weaknesses. Our goal during this step is to find your unique entry point into the market. We conclude our research by giving you a well-informed list of recommended app features we can build together, with emphasis on innovative functionality.

The best products feel natural to use. That’s why we spend time carefully mapping out your product’s user experience and flow in detailed, annotated wireframes. At the end of this phase, we will show you functional wireframes that will clearly illustrate the main ways in which someone will interact with your product. You’ll see how users will pass through funnels and features to complete various in-product actions.

We never underestimate the power of remarkable design in building brand identity and eliciting engagement. People are captivated by stunning graphics, imagery, illustrations, colors, typography, & iconography because these visual elements make an app beautiful to behold and easy to use. We pride ourselves on designing apps that make a lasting impression.

This is a working model of your product that can be downloaded and installed on an iOS/Android mobile/tablet device or tested via web browsers for a responsive website product. Instead of thinking about the design as individual screens, interactive prototypes allow you to get a better idea of the full experience and flow including pages or states you might otherwise overlook.

Now it’s time to make it real. So, so real. This is all about mobilizing our engineers to identify and leverage the right technologies so your product can come to fruition. As we’re working away on bringing your product idea to life, we’ll keep you updated on our progress and involved in the development process through regular meetings. You’ll know exactly what we’ve completed each week and what features we’re going to work on next.

The launch of your product is just the beginning. As part of our support system we will help your company grow and face new challenges along the way. What to expect: • Intermediate Builds for testing • Quality Assurance with every build • Deployment of Product • 3-month complementary support


2017 CREATIVE27 is featured on The Next Web We are honored to have Creative27 featured on The Next Web

2017 Internet Advertising Awards Creative27 wins 2017 IAC Award for Best Music Mobile Application on behalf of Stashimi

2017 Digital Agency of the Year – West USA Creative27 is nominated by The Corporate America Boardroomelite 2nd year in a row

2016 Best Digital Agency in California Creative27 is nominated by The Corporate America Boardroomelite twenty sixteen

2016 Best Mobile App Award : Platinum Award Client: REOP

2015 Awwwards Nominee Creative27 is nominated by Awwwards

 2014 iF communication design Award Client: Samsung

2014 Best Mobile App Award : Silver Award Client: Oeno Vaults

2014 Appy Awards in NYC Client: BBC Worldwide

2014 Best Mobile App Award : Platinum Award Client: SportsWiz

2013 Best International Business Mobile Website. Client: iHerb

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