Creative27 enhanced Mimedia’s app user experience, improving onboarding and aesthetics, resulting in a 15% immediate increase in conversion rates.


Creative27 addressed Mimedia’s low conversion rates by enhancing the app’s user experience, particularly focusing on the first-time user experience and onboarding process. The team redesigned the interface for greater user friendliness and visual appeal, simplifying the account creation and providing a clear, engaging walkthrough.

This comprehensive redesign resulted in a notable 15% increase in conversion rates, demonstrating Creative27’s effective user-centric approach and design expertise.


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Mimedia grappled with low user conversion rates; users frequently downloaded the app, enticed by its unlimited storage and innovative features, but often stopped short of creating an account.

This critical gap in the conversion funnel was impeding Mimedia’s growth, highlighting a need for strategic improvements to transform initial interest into committed user engagement.


Creative27’s solution was a holistic redesign focusing on user experience, onboarding efficiency, and visual appeal, successfully driving a 15% increase in conversion rates for Mimedia.

User Experience Design: Responsive

Creative27 tackled Mimedia’s challenge of low user conversion by analyzing and revamping the UX. We dissected the existing flow, studied successful competitors, and conducted comprehensive research.

This led to a strategic overhaul, simplifying the user journey and enhancing aesthetic appeal.

User Experience Design: Responsive

In redesigning Mimedia’s UI, Creative27 infused the brand with vibrant colors and engaging imagery, while maintaining a consistent brand identity. Every element was carefully chosen to enhance user experience and align with Mimedia’s core values.

This approach resulted in a visually captivating and coherent interface, revitalizing the app and strengthening its connection to the brand.

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