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Mobile phones are all we need to work, socialize, entertain and capture…

Today our mobile phones are all we need to work, socialize, entertain and capture moments in our lives. Apps are the individual products that enable all of this. But with more than seven million apps available, what is it that makes users download and rely on these products to enhance their life? One of the reasons is seamless mobile app design.

Mobile App Design is the critical element, long before development to make sure that your app is going to connect with and delight users.
Quality Mobile App Design is made up of:

Strategy is essential to provide direction, giving you an action plan to work toward.

It enables you to prioritize and align the activities you need to achieve your goals, as well as defining accountabilities, enhancing communication and commitment, and providing a framework for ongoing decision making.

Whether you are looking at building a new app or you have an existing app that requires some direction, defining a strategy is the first step to achieving your mobile app design goals.

Research, discovery, and insights allow you to create new and innovative solutions, as well as add new features to existing solutions; based on the wants and desires of your app’s audience and the insights from your competitors.

Research, discovery, and insights should work as a layer on top of your app mobile design strategy. This layer ensures that app strategy decisions are made with research and insights to validate their benefit to the app and the goals of your business.

User experience design (UXD or UX design) is the process of enhancing a users satisfaction with a product by improving its usability, accessibility, and joy attained in the interaction with the product.

User experience design is applied during the design process and incorporates the technical use of an app, and its physical interface; how people encounter the technology in its everyday use.

The interface design is the brand, look and feel of the app. User interface design is different from user experience design in that it is more about the graphic design of your app; the look and the feel of the app’s presentation.

The user interface design process ensures that the experience with the app attractive, intuitive, and on brand.

An interactive prototype is a model of your app which is designed to be tested by users before investing in developing the actual product.

The interactive prototype allows you and your target users to “play” with a test of your product idea to give valuable feedback about how it looks and feels to engage with.

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