Creative27 developed Techletics’ app, enhancing workplace wellness and reducing insurance costs through innovative design and strategy.


Creative27 partnered with Techletics to develop a mobile app promoting better posture for employees, targeting HR departments. The app aimed to reduce neck and spine injuries, lowering health claims and insurance costs.

Creative27’s role encompassed designing the app’s information architecture, user experience, and interface, coupled with strategic sessions to ensure widespread adoption and usage, ultimately fostering a healthier work environment.


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User Experience Design

User Interface Design


In a corporate world where employee health often takes a backseat, leading to increased health claims and insurance costs, Techletics faced the challenge of creating an engaging solution to improve posture and overall workplace wellness.


Creative27 responded with a comprehensive solution: a user-centric mobile app designed to promote better posture among employees.

This not only enhanced workplace health but also strategically reduced health-related claims, offering a dual benefit to both employers and insurance companies.

Experience Brief

In designing the Techletics platform, Creative27 conducted an in-depth exploration of the system’s flow map, strategically defining the roles and responsibilities of super admins, company admins, and employee mobile users.

This crucial step ensured a seamless, intuitive user experience across different administrative levels, optimizing the platform’s functionality for enhancing workplace posture health and user engagement.

User Experience Design

Creative27 crafted the Techletics app focusing on user experience, starting with detailed wireframes as a blueprint for functionality.

These wireframes defined a clear, intuitive user journey, with every element designed for simplicity and ease of use.

User Experience Design: Responsive

In designing the Techletics app, Creative27 started with mood boards to establish the visual tone, then carefully chose colors and developed a style guide for consistency.

The team crafted unique illustrations to complement the app’s design language, resulting in a distinctive and visually appealing user interface that perfectly balanced beauty with functionality.

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