Have an app idea? Start with the why.


If you’re thinking about coming up with an app or have an app idea and don’t know where to start than you are in the right place. In this video I will provide guidance on where to start.

My name is Vasile, Director of Product and Design at Creative27, a multi-award winning app design and development agency in Los Angeles.

A couple weeks ago I finished a book called Start with the Why by Simon Sinek. I loved that book because it clearly reflected the reason why clients, that we work with adopt this vision as a result of working with us. Simon suggests that when starting a business venture, you should always start with the question why. The differentiator between companies that were able to achieve extraordinary success, and companies, with the same resources that failed, is because they’ve started with the why. Apple is one of those companies. 

So what is the why behind your thinking of putting together an app? Think about your idea and than address this questions, what is the why behind my idea? Why is the belief. How you’re planning to do it is the action. What you do serves as a tangible proof of why you do it. So here’s the order of things, start with the why, than the how and lastly the what. With time, if you follow your why, others will follow you.

To give you a practical example, I will use our Company, Creative27. You see if I said Creative27 is an app design and development shop, wanna do business with us? Think about that for a second. How would you feel? Now let me give you our real mission statement. In everything we do, we aim to add value and purpose to your idea so that together we can change the world through digital innovation. The products we launch are user friendly, beautifully designed and easy to use. Have an app idea? Let’s make it real.

If you are thinking of coming up with an app and don’t know where to start, visit creative27.com click on app insights and select Articles. There you will find a number of great articles to help you with your app project.

Thank you for watching, my name is Vasile with Creative27, I hope’ll have a great day.