Guide to a success ready app


You are excited. You have a great idea for an app and cannot wait to get to work. You do the research. Hire a great design agency to map out the UX. Design the UI. Engineer the app. And now it’s launch day. That new app is ready to be introduced into the world for the first time.

What happens next, is crucial.
Hello, my name is Vasile, director of product & design @Creative27. At Creative27 we believe in adding purpose and value to your app idea so we can change the world through digital innovation.

You’re probably here, because you have an idea for an app or maybe have an app in the market and want to learn how to make that app success-full.
If this is you, than you’re in the right place and I am excited for you because today you will learn something new.

Here are 6 things you can do to create buzz:
1. Before your app is live, put together a Coming Soon Landing Page.
• Remember that people love being part of a project as it begins
• Collect e-mail addresses on your landing page so once you launch, you all-ready have a target market that may be primed to buy

2. Setup a Website
• Have a Promo Website that summarizes your product
• Product mockups, media, reviews and short videos go a long way in creating excitement
• The idea behind the promo-site is to get users excited-enough to download your app

3. Create a short Promo Video
• They say a picture is worth 1000 words, a short 30-sec video will do miracles for your users
• Put together motion graphics, catchy sounds, music and a good story that encompasses that value of your app
• This video may be used both in the app-store and on your website. A good 30-sec motion graphics video may be enough to convert a prospect into a download.

4. Social it Up
• Don’t underestimate the power of social media
• Create profiles across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn
• Develop a Pre, Post and On-going social marketing plan

5. Press Releases and Blogs
• Send out news of your app to websites, magazines, or to editors of popular newspapers
• Find niche markets that would benefit from your app and spread the word
• Create blog-entries on your promo-site and publish these on LinkedIn to generate more traffic

6. Don’t Wait
• People are in love with the process of how things come to live
• Behind-the-scenes photos are great and people will appreciate the inclusion

Creating an app can take dedication, perseverance, and a pretty serious work ethic. But the success of making someone’s life easier because they’ve downloaded something you created…well, that makes the work entirely worth it. And, if you’re looking for help, remember it’s out there. Creative27, for example, is an award winning agency the will help make sure your app gets designed, developed and marketed well.

We’ve put together a small guide of this video for you. Visit, click on App Insights. There you will find a number of great articles to help you with your app project.

by Vasile Tiplea
Director of Product & Design at Creative27