The secret to award winning apps


It all starts with passion.
You have to have passion for whatever it is that you’re creating. If you want to come up with a food recipe app, than you’ll have to love cooking. The journey to putting a quality app together takes time, just like anything in life. Time is also the deciding factor on weather or not you’ll stick with it or give up. If your heart is in it, half of the battle is already won.

Have a good team
They say behind great apps is a great team and your app will only be as good as the team behind it. Make sure you work with professionals who take what you have to the next level. This process is not about going to a professional and that professional doing exactly what you tell them to do. It is about the professional coming up with fresh ideas and contributing so that your app idea will be pushed to great heights.

Your team should involve the following professionals:

• a product designer who will lead the product discovery and design phase

• a user experience designer who will work on the mechanical behind how your app should work

• a user interface designer who will bring the wireframes created in the ux stage to life through color, layout, imagery, iconography, photography and more.

• a iOS/android developer

• a web developer

Understand the Process (& don’t cut corners)
The process in coming up with an app involves:

• Research & Discovery (R&D)

   / This is where you do a surface level assessment on your competition and see who you’re stacking up against

   / Here you need to observer and note down what makes the competitor successful and where are there gaps for improvement

   / try to figure out how and where are there potentials for your product to shine

• User Experience Design

   / This is where you put together wireframes (black and white digital renderings) of the mechanics of how your app will functions

   / At this state is crucial that you focus on making your app user friendly

• User Interface Design

   / This is where you bring your wireframes to life by creating a brand. Everything from colors to iconography style to typography, imagery and more

• Interactive Prototypes

   / Looking at still images is good but you need to see your app in motion before you move on to the next state.

   / An interactive prototype will allow you to install a working model of your app on to your phone so you can click through and see how everything feels

• Engineering

  / Engineering involves taking everything you’ve done up to this point and leveraging the best technology to bring it to life

   / A lead engineer will determine the code-stack and various api’s that will power your app

• Quality Assurance

   / Quality assurance is the last step before you launch into the market

   / During this step you and your team will test your app to make sure it doesn’t crash, it performs fast, it stays true tot he prototype, does not drain battery on the phone and other performance testings.

Be open and Receptive to feedback
I know this is your baby and to you it is perfect just the way it is. But you have to be open to feedback and other’s input on your app. The truth is, you don’t have to change what you don’t feel is right. But having a positive attitude towards being receptive and welcoming feedback is crucial.

Your app will never be perfect
Once you’re app is in the market, you need to start planning version 2, 3, 4 and more. You’ll need to continually work on bettering the features, the user experience and offering of your app. You do this by listening to feedback and by having a clear vision of where your app will be 5 years from today.

Take joy in the process
The process is long and there are many aspects of your app that will need to be worked on throughout the course of putting together and then going through updates and changes. It is important that you focus and take joy in the process.

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by Vasile Tiplea
CEO & Director of Product & Design at Creative27