How To: 6 Tools to Increase Your App User Base


Use these tools and look forward to expansive growth in your user base.

  1. Work in Partnerships.

Linking up with partners and other service providers who may benefit from your work as well can be one way to loop in more users and increase revenue.

  1. Subscriptions, a variety of ways.

If you offer subscriptions or paid memberships, consider the fact of having a tiered membership option. Just in case someone can’t afford the priciest option, it doesn’t mean they may not want to be involved. When you have a variety of ways to sign up you target a larger market population. Encourage people, no matter their status, to have some way to support your endeavors and fuel your fire.

  1. Get creative with push notifications.

No matter the scale of your audience, whether that includes 200 people or 200 million, a push notification is something each person will respond to, whether that’s taking action or not. Use factors like timing, frequency, and tailored specifications for individuals and see what users respond to. Trying a variety of scenarios will at least give you ideas of what may work and what won’t. If push notifications aren’t something that follows in line with the essence of your app, find another way to reach out to your users and members.

  1. Don’t forget about email.

Even though communicating through an app may be one way to reach your users, don’t forget about communicating through email. Some app developers say that drip campaigns are their best ways to convert non-users to paying customers. These conversions may seem low, but in reality, they can create a snowball effect that will launch you to success in no time.

  1. Make it personal.

Don’t forget to take care—and we mean great care—of the customer’s you’ve already got. Word of mouth (which we will get to next) is still one of the best ways for the fire of a newly started business to blaze. People are always sharing what’s new and useful in their lives with friends, family members, and neighbors in town, so make sure your app is something worth talking about.

When customer engagement is high and also highly personal, people are more likely to feel like they are a part of something. If you’re working to target the needs of even your non-paying customers, these customers using services for free will eventually become paying customers. This sense of inclusion and being treated with respect will not only be shared with their loved ones, but they’ll be more likely to cycle back into the world you’ve created more often.

This may be already understood, but invest well in customer support teams. When issues arise or when customers have questions, make sure the people who can represent your company best are answering the phone calls or putting the best face forward for what you do.

  1. Keep it old fashioned.

Word of mouth is just about the oldest marketing trick in the book. When a great quality product comes along with highly engaging customer service and leaves consumers feeling as if they’ve not only gained something in their life, but feel extremely positive, they are sure to tell everyone they know. In our own lives, we may have all felt this way in regards to an airline that was exceptional, a restaurant that was phenomenal, and even an online brand that dotes on our support ten-fold. When we feel cared for, we’re eager to visit again, spread the word, and help that company grow and succeed. With good customer service, news will spread quickly and non-enrolled users will suddenly become paying ones.

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